Extreme is Art

Another weekend, another invasion, but with that invasion came the ubiquitous laptops and so we started talking about extreme sports.

The more we looked and the more we talked we concluded that whatever you may be doing – be it tiddlywinks or using one of the more regular modes of transport in which you can practice your extreme sport – and you are best at doing ‘that thing’ in the world then you are in our view an extremist.

We want to present an example – an extraordinary, amazing, jaw dropping exhibition by one Danny MacAskill who in an incredible demonstartion of technique, skill and nerve shows us what can be done if you are the best.

Is this parkour on a bicycle? The art of movement.

Danny is a member of the inspiredbicycles bike team who put this video together set to The Funeral by Band of Horses – not only is it an awe inspiring but it warrants a huge shout of respect – here is a young man making art on his bicycle.

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