Extreme Australian challenge ends with all smiling

The extreme story of Racing the Planet’s Australian challenge is told today. We wrote about the race last week suggesting the Spaniard Salvador Carlo Redondo might win the race outright – he did not disappoint. In a total time of 31.25 hours Redondo beat Italian Galanzino Francesco by 36 minutes.

Below is a video from Racing the Planet of the start of the race which was held in the north west of Australia in an area called Kimberley which is renowned for its humidity and rock – this is truly a test of will power.

It is interesting to note the enthusiasm on the faces of the competitors – we suggest it is an enthusiasm generated by naivety of what is to come.

The next video is from stage 4 of the race – a 17.1 kms trail called The Maze in The Cockburn Range. It is considered to be the toughest stage – with a combination of humidity, river crossings and rock-pools to negotiate.

If that wasn’t bad enough the next day presents stage 5 – a mere 99.4 kms  with plenty of crocodiles to chase up the stragglers – is that extreme enough for you?

After a total of 250 kms over the six stages of the race the competitors crossed the finish line and were greeted by retired competitors, staff, volunteers, family and friends. Students from the Dawul Remote Community School, who led racers away from the start at Doon Doon seven days ago, were on hand to welcome racers to the finish.

The oldest competitor of the race was 69 – Toshio Ohmori, who comes from Japan. Unfortunately he was forced to retire following a bad fall on the third day when he cut his head and face and was taken to Kununurra hospital.

Lia Farley from the USA was third overall and the first placed lady competitor, completing the race in a total of 32.34 hours. The second placed lady was Stephanie Case from Canada who clocked 36.09 hours for the 6 stages.

The winning team was Saigon Children’s Charity with a time of 55 hours, beating home JORG on 61 hours, 46 minutes and nine seconds.

The smiles and relief are self evident in the last video which shows the competitors finishing the race – a huge shout of congratulations and respect goes out to all those who competed and raised money for many worthy causes.

Racing the planet’s next race is The Gobi Challenge which starts on June 27th – check out their website for more details – the link for which follows

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