Downhill skateboarding – the new most popular extreme sport

This is a definitely an extreme sport!

“I found my freedom dropping a hill at 110km/h (70 mph)” says Douglas Dalua. Mental!

Coming under the IGSA umbrella (The World Sanctioning Body of Skateboard and Street Luge Racing), downhill skateboarding  is exploding in popularity. If you want a few simple hints on how to do it, follow this link ‘How to ride downhill on a skateboard’ and, most importantly, learn to foot brake! This is the most important skill in bombing hills, it will allow you to slow down before things get too gnarly  :)

Thanks Addison, I love the videos you send me!

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  1. GoPro 3 Black
    2012 | 23 November at 10:02 #

    Awesome video! Saw Martyn live earlier this year in Cornwall with the Animal bike team and was blown away, and now he’s doing it on Bradley Wiggins racing bike, his skills clearly have no boundaries!

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