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Do Samurai still exist?

This is a little outside our normal extreme sport subject, but it is definitely extreme and thoroughly laudable. When someone has refined their skills to such an extreme, it’s worth talking about… in my humble opinion anyway!

Isao Machii keeps the Samurai tradition alive with jaw-dropping speed and accuracy. Of Japanese descent but living in LA, California, Machii has been trained from the age of 5 by an Old Master. He is now a master and teacher himself.

He claimed he was able to cut a fired BB pullet in half when fired directly at him and so it was only a matter of time to see if this was a mere idle boast.

It is worth noting that it is impossible to anticipate the exact line of a BB bullet, so this feat is not just a well practiced swing, but a feat of astonishing accuracy. The gunman was about 70 ft away, aimed directly at Machii and fired. In the 3/10 of a second it took the bullet to travel, Machii had already unsheathed his sword and swung – with deadly accuracy. The video shows only one attempt. He did it again immediately and cut the pellet exactly in half.

The last video here is long with ‘interesting’ English sub-titles, but the swordsmanship is remarkable and it’s worth watching. Enjoy.

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