Dismal snow so far so can we take inspiration from Ueli Steck?

Have you been skiing yet this year? here in Europe? The snow’s not good, not good in the Hautes Alpes anyway, not too bad down here in the Southern Alps. However, do not despair, they say it’s on its way 😀  “Fresh snowfall is predicted for much of Europe this week. Austria is the first location to benefit from this change to snowy weather with a number of resorts receiving new snow on Tuesday 3rd January” says http://www.skiclub.co.uk/skiclub/snowreports/overview. Switzerland, also, looks like it’s about to get some decent snow, but France will have to wait a while it seems…

So, Ueli Steck to the rescue. If you can’t go out there and ski, you can at least dream about the day when you will try an extreme outdoor challenge. “Swiss speed climber and Mountain Hardwear Ambassador Ueli Steck has created more adventures than we can count” says the Snow and Rock reporter. “He climbed the Eiger’s North Face at the age of 18, breaking his own 2008 speed record of 2 hours 47 minutes again in 2015 (2 hours 22 minutes); summited Mount Everest without oxygen in 2012; completed first ascents in Alaska, Nepal and Pakistan; and most recently topped 82 4,000m peaks in 61 days across Europe.”

The 82 summits meant that he speed-climbed eighty-two 4,000m mountains in Italy, Switzerland and France in 80 days, using his bike to cycle between the massifs. His advice for a challenge of this sort? “You have to be focussed” he says, ” on the process, not on the summit. It’s important to have the joy of training. It’s how you move on and progress. If you have joy in progress, I think you have a really good life and you can really push your limits.”

The 82 summits was a challenge. Ueli Speck is waiting for his next one but in the mean time keeps himself in training. Just before Christmas he climbed the Frendo Spur on Aiguille du Midi istarting in Chamonix and just before that, the 15th December, he tackled the Eiger again. Writing on Facebook he says: “I love the conditions right now. Again running from Grindelwald to the Summit of Eiger. A nice way to train some vertical meters. Thanks for all those people descending the west face. It a amazing track now! I have never seen such a big track in the west face .”

We wait to see what his next challenge is, but he’s certainly not sitting on his laurels!



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