re-sized mojave desert seen from space

Desert Winds Expedition Race – another extreme adventure race to look forward to

The Desert Winds Expedition Race is a competition. It is also a journey, an exploration, and an adventure in Nevada USA. It will be extreme, you can bank on that.

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The Mojave Desert is a huge desert stretching between the two largest faults in California: the San Andreas and the Garlock.

the Mojave Desert in California as seen from space

photo courtesy of NASA - part of the Mojave Desert

Named after the Mohave tribe of Native Americans, it occupies well over 22,000 square miles (57,000 km2) and its boundaries are generally defined by the presence of Yucca brevifolia (Joshua tree) considered an indicator species for this desert.

This race is to be an unsupported, 3 to 5 day, 310 mile adventure race of a 4-person co-ed, or all-female teams and will include all the traditions of expediton length racing along with a host of surprises and a backcountry tour which will take in the beauty of southern Nevada outside of Las Vegas.

The disciplines will include trekking, mountain biking, paddling, canyon descents, navigation throughout, and, as we said above,  some surprises… be prepared!

Reservations for this race are now open (contact them directly on and follow the links to registration) but please note that the race is not until 18th September, 2010! These things take some planning… It’s cheaper if you book your team place before 1st January, and it continues to rise in price the closer you get to D-day … if, of course, there are any places left by then.

The Mojave Desert is sometimes called the “desert of mountains”. The race course will showcase the beauty and diversity of the Desert with its flora and fauna and with its stunning desert and mountain vistas.

It might be worth noting that the weather in the Mojave Desert in the Fall can be unpredictable. You can expect hot days (not as hot as mid-summer), cool nights, and thunderstorms.

This will be another extreme adventure race on a similar scale to the events organised by RacingThePlanet, Southern Traverse, Sabah eco-challenge, etc. If you wanna do it… get moving!

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