re-sized rock climbing holds

Climbing holds to memorise…

Have so much on my plate at the moment with the first 14 of our Christmas crowd settling in and already playing games. It’s pouring with rain, snowing hard in the mountains and looks to be a Christmas with a difference – indoors, unless you’re out on the slopes.

Casting around for something to catch my interest I thought that a little something on climbing might be useful to muse over until the weather improves. If you can’t actually be doing it, you can at least be dreaming about it!

And so here’s a self explanatory but useful video describing various climbing holds, with thanks to expertvillage.

The above relates exclusively to climbing gyms and simple solutions on rock faces where you can expect the holds to be exactly where they ought to be … which doesn’t often happen in the great outdoors.  On a rock face you cannot anticipate what sort of hold you are going to find – and this video, also from expertvillage, will hopefully elucidate on hand jams and crack climbing  …

Happy Monday – I hope it’s better than ours!


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