Climber survives a 300m fall in Scottish Highlands

Bruised but not beaten, climber Adam Potter, 36, from Glasgow vows he will still be seen on Everest later this year.

300 m or 1,000 feet is the distance that Potter fell as he tumbled down from the summit of Sgurr Choinnich Mor in Scotland on Saturday. He slid, tumbled and plummeted off cliffs on his descent. His three climbing companions immediately raised the alarm but when rescue helicopters arrived at his final resting stage they were astonished to find that the experienced climber had only relatively minor injuries and was standing there studying a map and trying to work out the best way down!

Adam Potter slips and falls off the summit of Sgurr Choinnich Mor in Scotland and falls 300 metres and Rebecca Stubbs falls 200ft in the Rocky Mountains national park

36 year old Glaswegian man falls from summit of Sgurr Choinnich Mor near Ben Nevis

Mr Potter has described his accident as “just a little slip which led to a lot more slips”.

David Gibson of Scotland’s mountaineering council says his survival was “purely a matter of luck.”

But the experience hasn’t put Mr Potter off climbing. “I was hoping to go again next weekend but I think that will be cancelled,” he says. “But maybe in a few weeks – I’ll see how the injuries go.”

Perhaps the famous Potter surname had something to do with it… wizards and wands to the rescue!

Sgurr Choinnich Scotland where Adam Potter slipped and fell 300m resulting in only minor injuries

Same day, different continent: 20 year old student Rebecca Stubbs from Massachusetts slid about 200 feet down an icy slope on Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park and spent 15 hours on the mountain as rangers and rescuers worked to get her safely out. She suffered multiple injuries after slipping on a trail that leads to Chasm Lake, but never lost consciousness. Rangers reached Rebecca within two hours of a call for help at 8 a.m. Saturday. Rescuers spent nearly seven hours setting up a system of ropes to lift her up to the trail and another six hours to carry her out.

Rebecca Stubbs slipped and fell 200ft in the Rocky Mountain National Park - she had multiple=


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