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Chris Akrigg – the ultimate bike rider?

Oh this is a goooooood video! Very very impressive, and what a course. This video was filmed on a recent trip to Malaga. Chris Akrigg does all his own filming and video sync-ing.

A Hill in Spain from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

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‘A Hill in Spain’ is seriously cool riding. Chris Akrigg is a six-times National BikeTrial Champion & Mongoose MTN team rider. He rides anything from mountain bikes to brakeless fixies and everything inbetween.

And he’s GOOD.

In fact it is said that this guy is the U.K. equivalent of Matt Hunter but with more technical skill… His ultimate skill is that he rides trails and trials and makes it look so easy, or, put another way, downhill free-riding with trials built in. Like Danny MacAskill too, but some wonder if he is not better? Or, as one guy suggests, “Like Danny, but with a dual major in DH!”

In January he took part in the Red Bull Mini Drome. Having never cycled in a proper Drome before he was a little amazed at how tiny this one was – “it was bloody tight!” However, always available for a challenge he absorbed the rules, “the format was simple, fixed bikes only, no brakes, and no one allowed to ride the dome before qualifying,” and came up with a winning format: “I made my mind up I was going to give it full stitch,full on death to the chain starts and then if that worked just chillout and stay close untill the ten laps were up.”

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