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Charity bike ride from Edinburgh to London

For those of you who’re into ‘gently extreme’ – how about taking part in the Edinburgh to London bike ride? It’s a great alternative to the London to Paris ride and is the perfect physical challenge.

The route covers over 450 miles of challenging country, through the rugged fells of Cumbria to one of Britain’s best loved National Parks, the Yorkshire Dales, and on to the flat land of Lincolnshire and quaint villages of Cambridgeshire. Each day brings new sights and experiences as well as exciting cycling ranging from testing climbs to fast descents.

Back country roads with Across the Divide: Edinburgh – London

Across the Divide's charity bike ride from Edinburgh to London

The event is scheduled to begin on Saturday, 22nd September and to end on the 26th – Wednesday. All accommodation en route in hotels is included in the cost of the event. The itinerary is as follows:

Day 1 Saturday 22nd – Edinburgh to Carlisle.  92 miles

Day 2 Sunday 23rd – Carlisle to Harrogate. 111 miles

Day 3 Monday 24th – Harrogate to Lincoln.  103 miles

Day 4 Tuesday 25th – Lincoln to Cambridge.  106 miles

Day 5 Wednesday 26th – Cambridge to London.  62 miles

The final day takes you into the heart of London – no more peaceful country roads, but the madness and mayhem of a big city. The costs are as follows:


Self Funding Balance
Minimum Sponsorship BalanceOf course, this event is not solely for your pleasure. Its aim is to raise money for one of the 7 charities currently being supported by Across the Divide. To learn more about their charities please follow the link….

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