Nudity comes to extreme sports

Writing about extreme sports we never imagined we would have to cover the topic of nudity – well read on folks for that is what the people of British Columbia have been doing – taking their clothes off and bearing all as they make one giant leap of faith and bungee jump – all in the name of charity.

The Annual Naked Bungy Jump Fundraiser

The annual naked bungy jump fundraiser for the B.C. Schizophrenia Society at WildPlay’s Bungy Zone south of Nanaimo attracts hundreds of people from as far as New York and Wisconsin. More often than not, nudity takes a backseat to facing the fear of heights or getting an adrenaline rush.

“I have no shame,” said Olympia’s Nick Wenzel after his jump as he stood under the bridge in nothing more than his birthday suit and a pair of sneakers. Wenzel has made the six-hour commute four times to take the naked leap of faith in Nanaimo, but this time he didn’t jump solo. Girlfriend Audrey Norris clutched Wenzel for dear life as they tipped off the plank together, face-to-face, for her first-ever jump.

“It was so much fun,” said Norris, who adds she was more nervous about being cold than anything else.

By early Sunday afternoon, the Bungy Zone had registered more than 160 jumps and raised more than $5,800, beating last year’s donation tally.

Pilots Kevin Teker and Ian Johnson from Seattle brought a cheering crew with them to add to their once-in-a-lifetime experience. The duo saw the event posted on the Internet and Teker said “now that’s got to be one crazy T-shirt.” Teker’s wife painted blue wings on her husband’s upper back before he ascended to his post, where a jump master wrapped his ankles.

“This is about overcoming a personal challenge,” said Teker before he shuffled to the end of the plank, spread his arms and flew into the air.

For Steven Bobowski, WildPlay senior jump master, it was just another day at the office. He’s been helping people take the plunge for 14 years and whether they’re clothed or not, it’s all the same to him.

“It can be the most amazing experience is someone’s life. It’s empowering,” said Bobowski as another bum disappears over the edge. When asked if the nudity bothers him at all he lets out a little laugh. “My guy friends give me a little grief over being around other naked guys, but all I say is eye contact is a beautiful thing.”

Our thanks go to Krista Charke of The Daily News for bringing us this story and also to bcssprov for the video below which shows the action!

In another bungee jumping incident 49-year-old Mark Afforde survived a snapped bungee cord during a jump from a 400-foot high bridge over Canyon Creek, near Yacolt on Thursday, reports shortnews.com . He broke free just as he bottomed out and was only 25 feet over the water.

Afforde’s wife said that it was the only time he’d ever tried the extreme sport and is probably the end of her husband’s thrill-seeking days. Afforde escaped serious injury, only complaining of a sore backside.

Thankfully we can report a happy ending this this territying story but it does demonstrate why bungee jumping has to be considered an extreme sport.

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