Brit survives 80 mph bungee jump crash

A young Brit on holiday in Thailand survived a near fatal crash when the equipment that he was using to bungee jump failed and he was plunged into the water below.

Rishi Baveja had paid the $60 fee to the Jungle Bungy Centre in Kathu, Thailand only because they boasted a 100 per cent safety record.

It is unfortunate that it was Baveja who has smashed their safety record but ironically it is fortunate that he hit the water, at 80 mph, with his chest rather than his head. Fortunate for had it been with his head the consequences would have been worse than they were.

The poor man spent a month in a Bangkok hospital recovering from a ruptured spleen, torn liver, collapsed lungs and massive bruising.

In the video from widowsbreath you can see the near fatal jump – remember to check out the small print and make sure the company you are jumping with has appropriate and internationally recognised insurance. This is an extreme sport, you are risking yourself to severe physical and or mental damage if something goes wrong nota bene.


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