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How about a bungee jump into the mouth of a volcano?

Well, this is really something a bit special… bungee jumping into the smoking, bubbling, active volcano near Pucón, deep in the Patagonian Andes of Chilé – a seriously awesome venue!

And how do you get there? Helicopter of course – and you jump from the skids of the helicopter… no way you’ll be standing on the lip of the volcano.

Ok, so you’re obviously not going to dip your head into the molten lava – you will be 700 ft above it so no singed hairs which will be a relief, but the adrenaline kick will be out of this world. The helicopter flies into the caldera of the volcano and it is from there that you will bungee jump. The jump itself is less than 122 metres, but the fall leaves adventurers hovering just 213 metres above a pool of bubbling, red-hot lava. To date, there have been no reported fatalities from the Villarrica jump! that’s re-assuring…

the crater at Villarrica voclano near Pucon, Chile

This photo is pretty amazing but you will be hanging directly over it with this bungee jump: “the undisputable jump of a thousand lifetimes” say the organisers. Perhaps this is the time to be wearing a GoPro?

It’s not cheap this jump; $12,500 per person, but you might consider that money well spent!!! The company you have to contact is bungee.com – defining adventure … and how…

And there are other things to do while you are there. Pucón, 100 km to the southeast of Temuco and 780 km to the south of Santiago, with its lake, volcano and remarkably stable weather, is a very popular tourist destination (which is perhaps something you didn’t want to hear), but it is one of Chile’s most well known adventure centres. As well as doing this most unusual bungee jump, you can water ski, snow ski, white water raft, kayak, try out a variety of zip line rides or just chill out in natural hot springs – or chill out in those natural hotsprings after  you’ve dangled head down into the bubbling maw!

Bungee Jumping into an Active Volcano

If you decide to climb the Villarrica volcano, an all-day climb which requires equipment (crampons, ice pick, etc.) and a guide, you’ll probably need to go chill out in a soothing hotspring…


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