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Can you hear a faint buzz of excitement, like the sound of a distant 2 stroke engine? A gentle but persistent sound that seems to be calling you? It’s either the onset of tinnitus or the Rickshaw Run inviting you on a date with destiny.

You don’t want to be one of those people who will do the Rickshaw Run ‘one day’, you should be one of those brave fools who must do the Rickshaw Run at the earliest opportunity. The earliest opportunity is sooner than you think.

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5 Reasons to do the Rickshaw Run

1) Getting to drive the most ridiculous vehicle imaginable along the chaos of the Indian roads. No health and safety protocol, no risk assessment, just seat-of-your-pants mayhem;

2) The parties, the test driving and the launch, meeting like minded-fools and sharing the camaraderie of a cacophony of carnage;

3) There’s nothing like shitting yourself a bit to remind you that you’re alive. After doing the Rickshaw Run you may well struggle to get excited about any holiday the boring side of your comfort zone;

4) The scenary, the food and the locals. Experiencing a bit of India you won’t see on a backpacking holiday; going balls deep into a bit of India that isn’t in the guide books;

5) Coming home with stories which will knock the smug grin off your mate who trekked to Everest base camp.

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September – Shillong to Jaisalmer 2014 & 2013
The cram-as-much-as-you-can-into-two-weeks one

An experience of cultural sophistication and downright silliness. This route shoe-horns in everything India has to offer: desert, jungle, mountain, the Taj Mahal, the ancient city of Varanasi, the bandits of Bihar…

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January – Jaisalmer to Cochin
The party one

It’s New Year, the weather’s lovely and compared to the other monsters it’s relatively short. It’s no walk in the park, but you will have time to cruise along the coast taking in Goa and a hundred other little beach towns. Who needs a spiritual experience when you can have a wild time?

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The tough one 
This is the real deal. It’s a mammoth 4,500 km-ish route. The weather will be as hot as a chilli pepper up your bum in a sauna. The roads are unbelievably bad and the run ends in the spicy bandid country of the North-East. By the end you will feel like a hero, tired, injured, but proud of what you’ve accomplished.

You can sign up to all the above adventures right now, we have very limited spaces on the 2013 September Rickshaw Run, but spaces on all the 2014 Runs. Remember if you’re an Adventurist veteran you get all the colour noise and smells of the Rickshaw Run with a  £100 discount. To see some pictures from the parties of the recent April Run click here.

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