What’s Bradley Wiggins up to?

Not Wiggins himself, actually, the question aught to be: “What’s he doing lending his bike to Martyn Ashton?”

Ashton puts the £10,000 carbon fibre mean machine through it’s paces to prove that thoroughbreds are not restricted to flat work!

That’s the short version. You can watch the whole thing if you follow this link to yahoo.

Martyn Ashton is more normally known as a mountain bike legend and has been credited with turning the sport from a niche form of riding into the sport it is today. He, himself, has been riding professional trials since 1993 and in his 16 years as a pro has been British Champion, World Champion and held a Guinness World Record for the Side-Hop, but now combines his trial skills with street riding skills.  It is hard to believe that the man performing these stunts broke his back in 2003 when he misjudged a landing, but it didn’t keep him off bikes for long…



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