Boys and their Toys

No extreme sports’ site would be complete without a reference to boys and their toys. I’m talking here about the mistress in the house… that beloved machine that keeps your man away from the clutching grasp of the real thing. She might be high maintenance, his Landy, but she’s better than that curvaceous blond around the corner!

And it might not be a Landrover. It could be a Jeep or a ‘Cruiser. Or any other 4×4. But don’t think these are just ordinary vehicles. They have been lovingly tweaked and manipulated to become the real thing,  the mean machine, capable of trouncing all others in the field and bringing mud and glory to her besotted owner.

It’s a muddy sport… it can also, witness the photo above, be a very watery one… but hell, we’re talking extreme here. It wouldn’t be extreme if there wasn’t a challenge or two and what else should you do with a vehicle which has Mach 5 8×16 rims fitted with Fedima sirocco 35×10.50 tyres and a Warn 8274 front and rear winch –  front winch using an XP motor, both winches are fitted with Gigglepin up rated brake shaft kits and Dynema 12mm Bow rope…. beats me!

4×4 Adventures are one of several companies across the country (UK) and worldwide who cater for those who have an allegiance to 4x4s and who want to spend their weekend doing something other than emulating a couch potato – and that’s no bad thing.

4×4 Adventures has several drive round days monthly, but in 2011 they have a few major events, mainly 2 day challenges, but in August they will run a maximum of six, 5 vehicle teams to battle it out over 12 day special stages plus a night stage. Please visit their website for more information.

Across the pond in America they have vast tracts of land that can be used for this type of adventure. In California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico there are huge areas demarcated for 4×4 trail use. There’s the Great Western Trail which passes through 5 states on its way from Mexico to Canada and there’s  Sedona, in Arizona, which considers itself the Jeep capitol of the U.S. “In respect to tourism and outdoor activities, just as Kenya is known for animal safaris, Sedona is famous for Jeep tours.”

There are big races too. The Dakar Race – no, nothing to do with the Paris-Dakar race, but America’s equivalent is an Argentina to Chile race. It starts in Buenos Aires, crosses mountains, deserts, the giant dunes of the Atacama Desert and the amazing Andes – in all it covers 9,000 kms between Argentina and Chile finishing back in Buenos Aires.

What was I saying about vast tracts of land? Not only in North America, but South too…

Even the Osbournes, Ozzy and wife Sharon, have got in on the game, though in their case it was Rock Crawling. They took  part in one of their son, Jack’s, Adrenaline Junkie challenges (OsbourneFan10) – although at the last minute Ozzy was unable to participate. However, sister Kelly stepped up to the plate…

I suggest that if you’re married to a 4×4 aficionado, and unless you welcome the thought of being a weekend widow, it would be an idea to don your most wretched clothes and join ‘im in the mud, filth, grime and engine roar of, in his opinion, a weekend well spent. You never know – you might come to enjoy it more than him. Stranger things have happened!

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