Famous mountain bikers – the Atherton Siblings

Red Bull have made a 4-part movie about the phenomenal racing talent, grit and determination of the Atherton siblings, Dan, Rachel and Gee. It has been superbly filmed by Clay Porter for Red Bull Media House and is called ‘Four by Three’. I have been sent the trailor:

Known as mountain biking’s fastest family, the Athertons have all excelled at their chosen sport.

The eldest of the three, Dan, aged 30, started riding BMX bikes at the age of 14 and moved on to mountain bikes a year later. It did not take him long to become a professional racing cyclist specialising in downhill, four cross and enduro-downhill mountain bike racing. He is a former national champion of Great Britain. Between the years 2007 – 2011, he and his siblings raced as a team called Animal Comencal, but is now part of the GT Factory Racing team with his siblings and good friend Marc Beaumont. He primarily races Enduro-downhill and occasional downhill races. He sustained a life-threatening injury in 2010 when he broke a vertebra in his neck whilst dirt-jumping and retiring from the sport must have crossed his mind at this stage, but he bounced back and can once again be seen on the circuit.

Gee comes next. At 27 he too is a professional racing cyclist specialising in downhill and four-cross mountain bike racing and is credited as being one of the most progressive riders of all time. In 2004, at the age of nineteen, Gee won his first Downhill World Cup on the technically challenging track in the Austrian resort of Schladming. He is now a multiple national champion, multiple World Cup winner, and 2010 downhill World Cup Champion. His dedication to the sport and his ability to commit his all is the hallmark of the new breed of racers, of which Gee is a flag bearer. Since 2007 he has raced alongside his brother and sister.

Rachel is the baby. Following in her big brother’s footsteps she started BMXing at the age of 8 and crossed over onto mountain bikes at the age of 11. She swiftly became a professional racing cyclist specialising in downhill mountain bike racing and is a multiple national champion. In June 2008 she became the first British woman to win the Ellite UCI Downhill World Championship with a thirteen second winning margin at the final round, a feat not seen in years. She too has had her fair share of injuries and was ruled out of the 2009 racing season following an accident with a pick up truck whilst on a time trial training run with brothers Dan and Gee, but this hasn’t stopped her, it merely slowed her down for a time. Coming into the 2011 season she had pace as well as consistency and commitment and it was not long before the combination  started showing results. She was placed no lower than third all season. She now races with her siblings.

A testament to Dan’s love and total commitment to the sport is his drive to ride new and challenging terrain. This has led to him being a prolific track builder, with endless jumps and trails always in close proximity to the family homes which are now in Wales. They race together and they live in close proximity.

They also have an online shop.

The film ‘Four by Three‘ will be released in four parts and the schedule is as follows:

Rachel’s film – Tuesday September 11th 2012

Dan’s film – Tuesday October 9th 2012

Gee’s film – Tuesday November 13th 2012

Family film – Tuesday December 11th 2012

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