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Another stunning bungee jump…

I have been remiss about not bringing this jump to your attention earlier… but it might give you something to plan towards for an upcoming holiday-with-a-difference.

Gareth drew our attention to a bungy jump in Crete, but we have already written about this one so please go check it out!

However, we’ve never talked about the one in Nepal – a whopping 160m (500 ft)!  It makes sense that the Nation with some of the highest mountains in the world has its own bungee jump, doesn’t it? To put this jump into perspective you can compare it to New Zealand’s highest bungee jump which is 134m or to the height of the Statue of Liberty which is a mere 92m (300ft)… so 160m is jaw-dropping – the third highest in the world. Victoria Falls is 111m.

Designed by the New Zealanders (of course) the jump takes place off a Swiss designed steel suspension bridge, which, with a 166m span, crosses the wild Bhote Kosi River joining 2 magnificent valleys across the steep river gorge. I hasten to add that this bridge was not specifically designed for the delight of adrenaline seekers, but to help the locals who, prior to the bridge, had had to walk 5 hours to get from one side to t’other. In all the jump location is a 3-hr bus ride from Kathmandu and is just 12 kms from the Nepal – Tibet border.

Villagers crossing the Bhote Kosi River Gorge bridge, Nepal

The Bhote Kosi suspension bridge, Nepal

If you’re going to Nepal you’re probably going for a reason. Hiking? Climbing? Rafting? maybe paragliding? Something adventurous is bound to have attracted you to Nepal besides its outstanding natural beauty and relative remoteness, but whilst there, don’t forget to do the bungee – it’ll only put you out of pocket by about US$75 and by all accounts, that’s 75 bucks well spent! The plummet into the narrow slab-sided canyon just above the thunderous Bhote Kosi River is an experience not to be missed.

You have a choice. If you don’t fancy being leg shackled and launching yourself into a headlong dive, you can choose the slightly less terrifying but equally exhilarating swing.

And if you need further persuading as to why you should visit Nepal then have a look at the following video. It truly seems like the ultimate travel destination…

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  1. Laxman
    2012 | 11 September at 22:41 #

    It is the one never to be missed. The view of mountain in front before jump, and the head dive to the one of the wildest river in the world, thrilling, isn’t it?
    must try, recommend to all.

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