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An interview with Steve McCann who gets ready for the X Games

Steve McCann is a BMX rider who hails from Australia. I’m afraid I can’t show you this interview video live on my site, but if you follow this link: An interview with Steve McCann – you can watch it yourselves! The video comes courtesy of  Twonky -a video discovery site who are one of the sponsors of the Summer X Games this year and along with having a presence at the event, Twonky has exclusive interviews with multiple athletes.  – one of whom is Australian Steve McCann.

McCann is a top-flight rider with the nickname “Triple Threat.”

I first started trying tricks when I was a little guy, trying to do cross-ups off gutters and just getting air wherever I could. Trying tricks and getting air never gets old. That feeling will always be amazing!” he tells NSCA-CPT Eric Valazquez. From those early beginnings he has become a seasoned and very popular pro never failing to amaze with his ability to pull of stunts and his particular oeuvre spécial – to appear to freeze time whilst he performs stunts in the air.

He is very proud of the fact that he has made a name for himself in all 3 BMX disciplines: dirt, then park, and, since 2007, vert, but it’s a skill he works hard at – at least 4 – 5 hours a day! He earned his first vert win in Sept. 2011. He double-medaled in Vert and Big Air at each of the last two X Games and became only the second rider to land a no-handed 900 in Vert competition, doing it for the first time at X Games ’11.

You can see for yourself what a champ this man is…

Steve McCann at last year’s X Games

Feature photo courtesy of Reuters

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