An ingenious plan to guarantee you a place in next year’s Mongol Rally

The Mototaxi Junket explainedWant to do it but not sure whether your application will ever rise to the top of the pile? Well, if you’re quick you can submit your application HERE to become a Marshall for one day in either London, Barcelona or Milan this year and it will guarantee you a place in the 2011 rally.

Instead of hitching a ride you, too, could be the driver on your very own quest to get to Mongolia in an under-powered car with a bunch of other crazy people…

The Mongol Rally – an extreme adventure. There is no route – the choice is yours as to how you get from either England, Spain or Italy to the capital of Mongolia,  Ulaan Baatar. Several routes have been tried in the past and you can check them out here.

The trip will take you a third of the way around the earth in a  car with no bigger engine than 1 litre. If your car is LESS than 10 years old it can be donated to charity when you arrive in Mongolia.

The 8 – 10,000 miles will take you about 4 weeks – MUST take you about 4 weeks otherwise you’ll miss the party in Ulaan Baatar.

Obstacles in your way will include deserts, mountains, bandits and wilderness. This is, after all, meant to be the adventure of all adventures… and if there is no adventure then The Adventurists, organisers of this event and others rather like it, will have failed in their endeavour to bring spice into your lives.

In a normal year just over half the teams make the finish line in one piece and if your car really won’t go another foot then you can always try cadging a lift with another car.

So, what’s this about becoming a Marshall and what does it entail?

30 places will be available to marshal at Goodwood, 5 places in Barcelona, 5 in Milan and 6 at Czechout.

Marshals will be required to arrive at different times depending on which location they have signed up to. These details will be emailed out to the successful applicants but all marshals must be available all day (from approximately 8am – 6pm for Goodwood, Barcelona and Milan and approximately 11am – 8pm for Czechout).

Czechout – what’s czechout I hear you mutter in bemusement? Haven’t I clearly specified that there are only 3 departure points for the rally?

Yes, you’re right, but Czechout is the party that is to be held in the Czech Republic on the 26th July, 2010.

The Marshalls for London, Barcelona and Milan will be required for the 24th July.

Based on relevant experience stated in your application, some applications will be offered Head Marshal positions which on the day will involve leading a group of marshals in tasks ranging from traffic control and parking, crowd management, litter picking, helping put up and break down the stage and other aspects of the event and anything else the day throws at us!

Places will be allocated mostly on a first come first served basis, however if you have relevant experience (traffic cops, first aid trained, etc.) then please let The Adventurists know when submitting your application as there will be a number of places which will be given priority in this case.

Submit your application FASTHERE

Here’s another teaser from the 2009 Rally:

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