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After the Great Wall comes The Big 5 Marathon

What better way to combine game viewing with your passion for running. Lions will keep you on the move – though aren’t you meant to stand still when in the presence of a lion? And rhinos will have you galloping through the valley! If you ever needed that extra adrenaline charge to get you to the finishing post, I think a charging rhino might be the incentive!

Of course I’m talking about Adventure Marathon’s second marathon of the year. The 5,164 steps that are included in the Great Wall Marathon were tackled in May and 2,046 runners from around the world took part. It was a hugely successful event even though a record number of runners had to drop out with heat fatigue – 191 in all.

Not something I think you’ll see much of during the Big 5 Marathon! Pure fear of becoming someone’s lunch will keep the athletes on their toes.

However, this event is obviously very popular if the lack of accommodation in the area is anything to go by. The only place left to stay is the golf resort! And the reason why it’s so popular? Well, watch the video… you have to admit it’s fairly unique:

The Big 5 Marathon at Entabeni Game Reserve, Limpopo Province

“I am going to the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever trees…” The iconic lines from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So Stories’ – ‘The Elephant’s Child’ and this marathon is set in the Limpopo Province.  The national park represents the best of South Africa’s spectacular nature with high mountains, ravines, savannas, forested savanna, rivers and lakes. The nature spreads out around the impressive Waterberg, one of the planet’s oldest massifs and at the same time one of the few places in South Africa that combines a spectacular landscape with an abundance of wildlife including Africa’s big game and an exceptional number of different antelope species. Even better, the territory lies outside the malaria zone and therefore there is no reason to take anti malaria medicine.

Can you think of a more spectacular and suitable setting for a marathon? Forbes Magazine can’t. It has highlighted this event as one of the “Top 10 Marathons Worth Travelling For”. 

You also have the option of doing a half marathon.

The Route

The Big 5 Marathon at Entabeni Game Reserve, South Africa

feature photo courtesy of Adventure Marathon

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