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The Adventurists’ next adventure – the Andes and Amazon in a sofa bike

Mototaxi Junket 2013

“Definitely harder than the Mongol Rally” “Like an adventurey kick in the nuts”

“The perfect weight loss adventure” 

Just a few comments from veterans of the Mototaxi Junket; the Peruvian division of the fight to make the world less boring. If you’re a particularly hardy adventurist you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve taken the Junket entry fee and given it a good kicking…

£300 discount on Mototaxi Junket entry fee

Mototaxi Junket Adventuring across Peru on a sofa-bike is now cheaper than the Rickshaw Run and the Bajai Rally after we took the £1595 entry fee and pulled its pants down in front of its mates.

The next edition is October 2013 and will cost you a mere £1295 for each team. Most people go for two in a team but plenty of threesomes have got to the finish line. Just remember you’ll be pushing up the Andean hills a touch more if you have three.

Launch: Sacred Valley, Near Cuzco, 13th October
Finish: Piura, Northern Peru, 26th October
Distance: 3,500 kilometres (ish)
Duration: Two weeks (ish)

Start signing up your team here.

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