Adventure Racing World Championship 2010 is underway

This world championship is in progress as we speak.

It is a truly international sporting event and about as extreme as extreme sports go. The teams come from 30 countries. The start line is under the impressive medieval wall of Ávila in Spain and the finish line will be in the centre of Salamanca, the neighbouring province.

Competitors arrived on the 30th September, the official race began on the 3rd October and the winning team is expected to complete the course in around 4 and a half days or 108 hours of non-stop racing. All teams are expected to start crossing the finish line on the 7th and 8th of October.  The competition winds up on the 9th.

This is the eighth race of its kind and is internationally recognised as one of the hardest and most important Adventure Races in the world.

Taking part in this event will be 50 mixed teams with 4 members each including the top 10 teams from the Adventure Race World Series.

  • Estoril Portugal XPD, ARWorld Championship 2009, 5th -15th November 2009.
  • Ecomotion Pro, Brazil, 19th – 29th November 2009.
  • Huairasinchi, Ecuador, 13th – 15th February 2010.
  • Poland Winter Challenge, 21st-28th February 2010.
  • Xtremo6000, Argentina, 25th-27th February 2010.
  • XPD, Australia, 17th – 28th May 2010.
  • Explore Sweden Monster – Atlantic 2 Baltic, Sweden, 10th – 17th July 2010.
  • Untamed New England, USA, 12th – 15th August 2010.
  • Costa Rica Adventure Race, Costa Rica, 20th-28th August 2010.
  • Raid in France, France, 1st – 5th September 2010.

The challenges that will be encountered on the +/- 700 km race will involve multiple disciplines including running, mountain bicycle, trekking, canoeing in rivers and lakes, rafting, rollerblading and, as always, incredible and spectacular sections of ropes, tyroline and rappel. The countryside between Avila and Salamanca has a little bit of everything – mountainous areas, plains, rivers and reservoirs.

The competitors will have to navigate the mountainous terrain and deal with the varying temperatures and terrains of the area as well as deciding on where and when to sleep and for how long.

Prior to the event, Nick Gracie of Team adidasTERREX, defenders of the World Championship title, had this to say: ‘The race looks very competitive with all the best teams in the world attending and we certainly have our work cut out for us. The format of the race looks really interesting with lots of short stages and transitions. The race director Antonio De La Rosa always puts on a great event and combined with Spanish hospitality we are in for a great week of racing.”

The latest update is that one team, Team 35, are out of the race. It is early days yet… good luck to everyone.


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