re-sized ice in Siberia

Adventure racers might like to know about the JANUARY RACE at Anisimovka, Russia.

We’ve talked quite a lot about Adventure Racing over the past few months, and browsing through upcoming events we came across this Russian race which might interest you.

Held in the Anisimovka area on January 9, the January Race will be organised by the Primorsky Territory Federation of Mountaineering and Rock Climbing.

The competition consists of three different events:

  • The “Sprint” is the 5km race which starts in Gribanovka ski resort and has a steep ascent,
  • The “Ring” route is 12 km long. It has a gentle ascent and falls off towards Gribanovka where the route starts, and
  • The “Traverse” route. This event is 30kms long and is for experienced sportsmen who will not only have to stand the extreme cold of a Primorye winter, but will have to ascend two mountains – Pidan (1332m) and Falaza (1232m). The route starts in Lukyanovka, ascends, descends and traverses the two mountains, and finally descends again to the ski resort, Gribanovka.

Everyone who can walk, loves nature and is ready to climb the mountains is invited to take part in “January Race 2009”.

Looking to do something different next year??? What a way to start it: a ski holiday at the Gribanovka Ski Resort timed perfectly to take in a nice little extreme adventure on the way…

It’s location alone is fairly extreme – the Primorye Territory is located in far southeastern Russia on the shore of the Sea of Japan. Vladivostok is the capital and it is 9,259 km from Moscow – 6 days by train or 9 hours by plane!


Something to think about…

Apparently it’s an ‘awesome’ region and ‘awesome’ in all seasons.

I have had a lot of difficulty tracking this area down. It came down to one of 3 – Anisimovka region in the Ukraine, Gribanovka ski resort in southwest Siberia on the border of Kazakhstan or the one near the sea of Japan… and since the article telling us about this race came from a newspaper in Vladivostok I hope I have hit on the right one!!! Good luck and check it out carefully beforehand if you plan to go!

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