A new trail running event in the Alps – Salomon 4 Trails

If this interests you then you will need to start training now… it’s not an event you enter lightly. Salomon 4 Trails is estimated to be between 150 – 160 kms in distance, approximately 9 – 10,000 metres of difference in elevation, will include three countries, four stages and five towns.

Salomon 4 Trails

This new Salomon event is for individual starters. It begins in the mountain resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany) and the stage cities will be Ehrwald (Austria), Imst (Austria), Landeck (Austria) and Samnaun(Switzerland).

Extreme sports is not a new concept to the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It was the site of the Winter Olympic Games in 1936 and was the first to introduce alpine skiing. It has subsequently hosted a variety of world cup ski races and the World Alpine Ski Championships are scheduled to return this year.  Hosting a major sporting event is something this town is very good at.

Erhwald, Imst and Landeck are all in the Tyrol, Austria. Erhwald nestles on the southern base of Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze (2,950m) – whose glacier is the most northernmost in the Alps. Imst, too, is no stranger to extreme sports. In 1958, the first artificially refrigerated luge track was completed at Imst and it hosted the FIL World Luge Championships in 1963 and 1978.

The final host town is Samnaun in Switzerland. Cradled in a corner, Samnaun used to be a smugglers paradise positioned as it was between two other countries – Austria and Italy. In fact, although this village is in Switzerland, up until the 20th century (1905 to be exact) it could only be reached by road via Austria. Because of this, Samnaun was excluded from the Swiss customs territory, and retains a privileged ‘duty-free’ status, albeit not without controversy, to this day.

The Salomon 4 Trails event is organised by Plan B, the event specialists for mountain bike and trail running events. Each day approximately 30 – 40 kms and a height differentiation of 2,000 m will be covered. A generous time allowance will be given for each stage, but do not think this is a race you can enter without adequate training, a race you quite fancy doing because of the beautiful trails and spectacular landscapes in the most beautiful Alpine regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It will, from start to finish, be a challenging and exhausting 4-day race.

“We are very happy that, with the SALOMON 4 TRAILS, we can now also offer a crossing of the Alps that is even more geared toward popular sports,” says project manager Anika Stephan about the concept of the SALOMON 4 TRAILS.

The race is scheduled for the 6th – 9th July. If you wish further information please go directly to the race website where you can find further details re registration, etc.

The following video is in German but it does give you good maps, graphs and visual video of the type of terrain you will be tackling –

Main photo courtesy of FLICKR: akunamatata

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