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A new route for The Adventurists Africa Rally – sign up NOW

The Adventurists Africa Rally

The return of the mighty Africa Rally is upon us and the sign up is open. Take a 1-litre car most people wouldn’t use for the shopping and drive it from London to Uganda via the Europarty in Sarajevo plus a region they call the Middle East.

Massive, ridiculously hot, covered in deserts and some of the wildest jungles in the world; Africa calls The Adventurists like a siren in the night. Come hither and do thyself a mischief, she says.

Launch: London, 13th August 2011

Finish: Uganda, four weeks later

Sign Up: The Africa Rally

And whilst I have you there as a captive audience, don’t forget that it’s this Saturday that The Adventurists Film Festival is being held. You won’t want to miss it if adventure is your game. The following video gives you snippets of some of the entries.

Guest speakers Ed Stafford, Katie-Jane & Tarka L’Herpinieres and Andrew Miles will be there – all impressive adventurers.

34-year-old Ed Stafford is the National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year and is the first man to walk the length of the mighty Amazon River,

If you haven’t got your tickets yet then you can get them here: The Adventurists Film Festival


3 Responses to “A new route for The Adventurists Africa Rally – sign up NOW”

  1. Miker
    2011 | 10 April at 12:08 #

    The last Africa Rally in 2009 was a total farce. The one and only thing the Adventurists did competently was collect the entry fee. Never again!

    • Nils Moeller
      2011 | 30 May at 14:31 #

      Hey Miker,

      do you have any more details.
      Thinking about it …


  2. David
    2011 | 10 April at 12:34 #

    Hi Miker can you provide any more details? We’d like to follow this up.

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