re-sized Kafjorddalen Valley

A new nearly permanent bungy jump in the north of Norway

My attention was recently drawn to a new bungy jump in Norway. Built, not without some difficulty and a lot of ingenuity, last August, it is now in semi-operational order.

Aluminium bridge being moved into place at Kåfjorddalen


This jump is at Kåfjorddalen in the Lyngenfjord area and was completed on the 20th of August 2011. The bridge over the Gorsa-gorge was constructed with the help of the above helicopter and an able crew of engineers.

It was not, I hasten to add, constructed solely for the purpose of creating a new bungy jump site, but it certainly presented itself as the ideal spot. The Gorsa-juvet ravine, in the Kåfjorddalen valley, is among the deepest in Northern Europe. From the south side of the ravine, the Gorzi-fossen waterfall plunges 140 metres into the depths. This spectacular landscape has now become accessible to most people with the building of the pedestrian aluminium bridge right above the waterfall. In addition, the bridge binds together two networks of tracks for walking, hiking and mountain biking into one of the most attractive and easily accessible areas for outdoor activity in this part of Norway.

Intrepid bungee jumpers were lining up to throw themselves off the bridge on the opening day, but currently the bungee-jumping is only sporadically available, although they are working on having a fixed facility before long.

Bridge spanning the 153m Gorsa-gorge in the north of Norway

It is expected to be a popular destination in the Summer! Depending on how good your Norwegian is you can follow this link: bungy jump at Kåfjorddalen, but sadly my Norwegian isn’t up to much, so I can’t help at all! but I did watch the video … which I can’t upload. However, it looks pretty fearsome!

An extreme bungee jump

 photos courtesy of Jure – with thanks

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