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A Mongol Derby reminder

You might well remember our articles last year on this fantastic horse derby – the Mongol Derby (17th June and 22nd August amongst others), organised and run by The Adventurists. Known as the toughest horse race in the world and thereby fitting neatly into our extreme sport niche, it bears this title for a reason. Do not underestimate the hazards of riding a small semi-wild horse (actually several small semi-wild horses) over a 1,000 km course…

And if you don’t remember, and don’t have the time to scroll through previous articles; in the inimitable words of The Adventurists, here’s what it’s all about: “The Mongol Derby is based on Chinngis Khaan’s legendary postal system which could relay messages thousands of miles in a matter of days. Like the mighty Khaan’s system the Mongol Derby relies on a network of horse stations (Morin Urtuu in Mongolian) stretching mile after mile across the Mongolian steppe. With ten days to cover the 1000km course riders this is no ordinary horse race, it’s not a test of the horse’s speed but the rider’s skill and endurance – this is the mother of all equine adventures.”

Applications opened on Tuesday, 1st December and close on Friday, 22nd of January 2010. There is not much time left. After this the applications will be reviewed and the places awarded to the lucky few on Friday 12 February, 2010.

Please bear in mind – and it is mindful to do this before sending in your application – no-one who weighs more than 85 kg will be considered for this race! and you will be weighed before the race! The horses may be tough, but they are small.

Last years’ race was a rip-roaring success. This year’s one is bound to be the same. Some riders went all out to win, others mosied along thoroughly enjoying the ride, the magnificent scenery, and delayed the end of the adventure for as long as possible.

Horse racing has a long and honourable history in Mongolia, witness this video:

The Mongol Derby is just another epic race in their long history.

In 2009 the Mongol Derby  raised money for the charity Mercy Corps. Every kilometer of the race raised money for this powerful charity. Mercy Corps is deeply involved in Mongolia, and and its director in Mongolia, Dominic Graham, summed up their need for assistance: “Money raised by riders in the Mongol Derby will be used to fund vital initiatives run by local groups in remote parts of rural Mongolia that receive very little support from elsewhere.”

And now, without wasting any more time, and with the knowledge that this adventure for you helps others in need, follow this link to sign up:

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