A little more on The Adventurists’ Transcontinental Race

Yesterday I gave you their online update, but I wanted to elaborate a little on their latest escapade – London to Turkey by bike… in something that they call the Transcontinental Race: London to Turkey via The Alps. If you look at a map, it’s all downhill!!!!!!!!!

How to get there: “Riders must navigate their way without remote assistance. Old school maps? oh yes, GPS? no worries, Asking the locals? Of course. Phone a friend? – Not cool.”

This race, I say “race” but it’s not really a race… no big prizes, no fanfare, no splashing your name across the headlines of the world’s best-selling Rag’s, will be setting off on 2nd  August. Riders from all over Europe will ride across the continent from London to the Bosphorus Strait, with the fastest cyclists expected to complete the challenge inside two weeks. The race will be sponsored by QuickEnergy and The Adventurists will be in partnership with the 2012 round the world bicycle race winner Mike Hall, who will be race director.

Mike has taken part in both the Mongol Rally and the Rickshaw Run,which, as you know, are both overland adventures created and run by The Adventurists. The collaboration between the three, therefore, was a natural progression. “We all believe in the need for a seat of the pants race with no handholding,” says Mike. “Together we can deliver something beautifully hard at the pointy end and an unconstrained adventure at the other end, yet with the right level of organisation and coverage where it counts.”

Unusually for The Adventurists (and this must be where Mike put his foot down) this race has a couple of checkpoints. But don’t think they’ll be easy:

Stelvio Pass in the Eastern Alps


Haha… that’ll teach anyone to complain again about The Adventurists supplying no back-up! You’ve got some now, but my god you’re going to have to earn the right to pass through a check-point :)

This adventure is only going to cost you £95 to enter, so no excuses that you can’t afford it. “We want people to be able to grab a bike and just go,” he says. “No support vehicles, no teams of helpers and no costly logistics or exorbitant entry fees. Just a bike, a map and a vague sense of direction will do. Plus, living like a hobo is much faster than staying in hotels.”

However, be warned, riders will be limited and entrants will be invited to attend preparation workshops at The Adventurists’ HQ in the lead up to the event. Entries will open shortly via and interested riders can sign up to receive race entry information first on the website.

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