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A little bit of skateboarding madness

I know lots of young boys, girls too maybe, I’m talking about under-10’s, who would think this was the highlight of any day, but I’m not sure how many adults I know who would think the same. Then again… some people never grow up!

Downhill skateboarding at Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

This is very lively downhill skateboarding. Not yet the best organised apparently, but skateboarders wouldn’t mind that too much – they look like a fairly wild and laid back bunch.

Quebradillas in Puerto Rico holds the Guajataka Downhill every year and it has become the area’s main attraction for locals, worldwide skaters and spectators who like a thrill and a very good party. The 2013 race was wet this year and very wild and despite spectators spilling onto the course, frequently infront of the downhillers, a good time was had by all.

downhill skateboarding

The Puerto Ricans are fabulously welcoming too. If you are a downhill skateboarder then this is the place to go… and take your surf board too. The surfing is GREAT.

Feature photo courtesy of myprofe


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