A great bungee jump in Greece

“Done Nevis, Ledge, Vic Falls & Bloukrans. Next stop Switzerland!!!”


Are you, too, hooked on bungee jumping? and are you by any chance planning on spending some time in Greece this summer?

So many people go to Greece and the Greek Islands for their summer vac thinking of blue skies, white buildings, blue blue seas, wonderful beaches, great food, Zorba’s Dance… hmm, I could go on for ever, but the thought of an extreme sport at the same time might not have occurred to you. However, it might interest you to know that the second highest bridge-bungy jump in Europe is also here… The Liquid Bungy Jump off the Aradaina Bridge, Sfakia, 85 km south west of Chania (or Hania), Crete.

“You have the best bungee site in the world, my friend!”

comment from a jump master at AJ Hackett’s (the founder of bungee jumping) group

138m of high octane adrenaline

This old military bridge is the highest one in Greece and the Balkans and links the edges of a wild canyon. Liquid Bungy operated for the first time in Greece in 1999 and since 2004 on the Aradaina Bridge, but please note that it is only open during the summer months and weekends only. Pretty long opening hours though – from 12 a.m. to dawn! But if you can put your own group together of a minimum of 10 people you can arrange to jump whenever you want – during the summer. By September this jump will be closed again…

Liquid bungee follows the “Bungee Jumping Code of Practice” and it is internationally recognised in its field for 100% safe jumping and the standard of material used.

Neil, perhaps you can try this one out for us one day and let us know how it compares…

As extreme sports go, bungee jumping is fairly addictive!

And whilst you’re in Crete, why stop at bungee jumping? You can also try out other extreme sports like scuba diving, sea kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing… to name but a few. Or you could just hang out in Crete’s most evocative city – Hania.

Hania has had a turbulent past which has left it with few impressive monuments, but she wears her scars proudly. Dating back to the Minoan days, Hania is Crete’s most beautiful city. Even during the height of the tourist season when tat fills the shops, she retains the exoticism of a city caught between the East and the West. Great restaurants too.


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