A direct message about The Mongol Rally 2014 from The Adventurists

The Mongol Rally has Devolved
Massive changes to the rally afoot

> Mongol Rally entry fee cut by almost half to £525> No more age restrictions on vehicles> 2014 sign up is this Friday, 9th August at 2pm UK time

As more and more of the world gets scanned, bar-coded and shoved into a device we once used for talking to other humans, we thought it was time to turn up the volume on the fight to make the world less boring.

The Mongol Rally has Devolved

10 Mongol Rallies have passed since the first edition of 6 teams back in 2004. An entire decade of motoring chaos has seen cars snapped in half, people getting shot at, arrested and stuck in all manner of farcical places, but the rally has evolved over the years.The cars gradually got newer as the government increased the taxes. Engine sizes crept up past the magic 1 litre mark. The roads are getting better and better. The entry fee has risen.It’s inevitable they say. You can’t stop the relentless march of modernity they say. Everything will end up in a risk assessment and a nice safe bubble wrap of unaccountability they say.

Bollocks to that we say.After ten years it’s time to take radical action. It’s time to draw a line in the Gobi desert sand and shout fuck you health and safety, fuck you modernity. You can’t have the Mongol Rally too.The Mongol Rally has DevolvedWe miss being able to fix the cars with chewing gum and a baked bean can. We don’t understand diagnostic systems or electronic ignition. Anything we can’t fix with a hammer is over engineered.

So we’ve ditched the 10 year rule, cut the entry fee almost in half and brought in the “Rather Irregular Places” to ensure tarmac is rare.

Bring the shittest, rolling turd of a car you can find. Use a car you swapped for a bag of crisps. Seek out a car that most people wouldn’t even use for the shopping run. Or better still come along on a scooter. There are few things that compare with hitting top speed on a Honda C90 and leaving a kilometre-­long dust trail, watching all the bolts gradually shake themselves out.

The Mongol Rally is DevolvingWe’ve simplified the Mongol Rally to bring you more of what you want and less guff so grabbing a spot is now cheaper than it’s been for years. And the all new Rather Irregular Places bring back the world before tarmac in a way that will tear your tiny machines into a thousand pieces.

The old school Mongol Rally is back.

How to sign up

Head to the Mongol Rally website for more detailed info on the 2014 edition and the massive changes made to the rally format.

Sign up will open at 2pm UK time on Friday 9th August (this Friday) on the rally website. The first 30 car teams and 10 motorbike teams will get a hefty discount on top of the massive kicking we’ve already given the entry fee.

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