re-sized parkour for monkey man

A different take on Parkour

This is a very interesting take on Parkour. Pretty impressive stuff…

Born in the state of Tamil Nadu, Jyoti Raju is an Indian free solo climber, who has turned his skills into an art form – a mixture of free-climbing and parkour. His ability to jump from one rock to another and to scale walls of any man-made height without aides has earned him the title ‘Monkey King’, a fitting nickname as he learnt this form of climbing from closely watching his simian friends.

Once a daily wage earning labourer, he now entertains visitors at the Chitradurga Fort in southern India with his monkey-like acrobatics – his swift, smooth, efficient and direct movements are very similar to parkour.

Make no mistake, what Raju does takes lots of skill and full body strength, and exceptionally strong hands and fingers.


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