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A brief update on Sarah Outen’s progress…

Remember the local lass from the UK whose ‘London 2 London via the World’ challenge will see her kayak, cycle and row around the world (I have written about her several times before here…) Well, at this very moment she is merrily cycling Hercules across the Ukraine.

This video is a typical morning start taken several days ago:

She has been on the road now for 34 days 3 hours 12 minutes… and counting. Those 34 days include one bout of severe food poisoning that she picked up in the Czech Republic. One of the hazards she could well have done without.

She crossed the border from Poland (country #6) into the Ukraine (#7) on 3rd May leaving behind Europe and one time zone and has recently been averaging about 150 km a day – about 95 miles. Rituals are well established. “I will have the cereomonial deflagging and reflagging of Hercules (he gets a new national flag for each country pedalled) and a new map for my map case, too, pedalled all the way from London. There is something very satisfying about unfolding a new map and stowing away the old one, with a whole country traversed. I have cut out the Northern Hemisphere of my world map too and am enjoying ticking off the countries as I go. I’m always sure to leave most of it folded up though – to look at the whole thing is mind boggling and a bit daunting. This is all about one day at a time and one country, mile by mile.”

She is heading for the far eastern edge of Russia and has a long way to pedal before the weather turns from Summer into autumn and winter. She is determined to stay up with her schedule as she and Hercules need to be berthed on the eastern shores before the cold sets in.

What an indomitable spirit! and, as always, the very best of British luck to Sarah and her expedition…

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  1. Garrett
    2011 | 12 May at 09:39 #

    she sounds like she is enjoying herself!

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