Jordanian Running Adventure Race

This is a first for this race starting at the World Heritage site of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, going through the low lying mountains and down to the Wadi Rum Desert. Entries closed on the 31st August so you’re too late for this year, but pencil it into your diary for next…

The terrain for this adventure race/ultra-marathon will be 60% desert sand, 30% mountain paths and 10% tracks.

The event has two distances:  a 176 km trail running/walking, mountain trek/run event from Petra through the mountains and on into the Wadi Rum. The 80 km event is exclusively in the Wadi Rum Desert.

Both events must be concluded in one stage.

The race is going to be run through a highly fragile eco-zone and for this reason every precaution possible will be taken to ensure no pollution is left behind and that the eco-system is not damaged in any way. If you do not respect the rules of the event you will be immediately disqualified.

Like the RacingThePlanet events which also take place in beautiful but fragile eco-systems, Franck and Maxilene Viandier, the race directors of the Jordanian Running Adventure Race, are determined that nothing but footprints are left behind when they leave.

Competitors must be over 18 and must be in good health. A doctors certificate is required to prove this.

You can run this race as an individual or as part of a team. Teams can be male, female or mixed. To be ranked, a team must remain united and be seen at the same time at each checking point. If one member of the team gives up the other will automatically be re-classified as an individual.

A GPS system is obligatory.

As with the RTP events, this race is autonomous. You carry everything you need, but there will be 6 water stations along the route – 3 in the desert. Food rations and materials will be checked by the organisers before and during the race. is the organisation behind the event. To find out more about the race or to register for next year’s event please click on the above link.

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