2011 Adventure Racing World Championships to be staged in Tasmania

The Adventure Racing World Series is an international circuit of premiere adventure races held in 10 countries in one year, culminating every 12 months in the Adventure Racing World Championships.

And Australia is hosting this prestigious event in 2011. Tasmania is their chosen location and I have been waiting for what seems like forever to use this fabulous photograph taken at the last world series held in Tasmania …

Now how’s that for a world championship challenge!

Race Director Craig Bycroft said “Tasmania is a world renowned adventure destination and support from Events Tasmania were two of the key factors in us winning the Adventure Racing World Championships”. Geoff Hunt, ARWorld Series Director said “I’m sure the 2011 Adventure Racing World Championship will be a huge success and look forward to exploring the state of Tasmania.”

But you can check it out for yourself (BETasmania) and see if you agree with the above statements…

The race is scheduled for late 2011 from 31st October to 11th November. 70 teams from around the world consisting of four athletes each will race day and night for over 700km. The main disciplines will be mountain biking, trekking and kayaking.

Bycroft has assured everyone that “the course will be very traditional, epic legs in true wilderness, as much an expedition as a race”.

Tasmania has hosted this event before – in 2006, and it was because it was so successful that they have been elected a second time. It has the full support of the Tasmanian Government.

In the meantime the location for the 2012 AR World Championships is, as of Monday, pending but will be a choice between two countries:  the Ecuador race – Huairasinchi, and the French race – The Raid in France.

The decision of where it will be, will be decided today, but only released to the adventure racing community on a timetable to be determined by the winning event although ARWS members will know today.

Events in the ARWorld Series 2011 will be held at the following venues culminating with the World Championships in Tasmania. 12 countries will be represented in these events which act as the qualifier for the World Championships at the end of the year.

  • Ecomotion ’11  –  Brazil
  • xtremo6000  –   Argentina.
  • Huairasinchi  –  Ecuador
  • Untamed  –  Switzerland
  • Costa Rica Adventure Race
  • Raid in France  –  France.
  • Bimbache Extrem  –   Spain
  • ARWORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ’11 XPD  –  Tasmania, Australia

The following video is a collection of photographs taken at the Brazilian adventure race – with thanks to fernandofragosocom. It gives you an idea of the spirit of adventure that is the essence of these races.

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2 Responses to “2011 Adventure Racing World Championships to be staged in Tasmania”

  1. Ana
    2011 | 10 March at 18:46 #

    Hi guys!
    Here in Brazil we are looking forwards to welcome ECOMOTION, our qualifying serie to the world championship.
    See our website for information about the region mostly Prado where the race will begin.
    All Whales Coast is a must to visit, indeed an ecotourism paradise.

    • lolajones
      2011 | 10 March at 19:09 #

      Thank you for drawing our attention to ECOMOTION. It is on my list, and tomorrow I’ll have a look at your site. There will be an article shortly! Please feel free to send me any other information you think might be useful or helpful. Many thanks.

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