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2 Adventure Races coming up in Europe this month (May)

The Bimbache Extrem Castilla y León -adventure racing

The Bimbache Extrem

Bimbache Extrem Castilla y León (or, simply, the Bimbache Extrem) begins on 18th May. This promises to be a very dynamic race, with continuous changes of activity.

There will be 17 sections and more than 60 control points that will test the physical force, capacity of orientation and strategy of some of the best adventure racing teams in the world.

The total time estimated for the first teams will be 65 to 70 hours. All teams will be expected to cross the finish line before Friday 22nd at 5 p.m.

The race will start on 18th May at 9.00a.m. at the village of Vegacervera, in the province of León, 35kms away from the province’s capital city. The finishing line will be at Aguilar de Campoo, in the province of Palencia, on the 21st and 22nd May.

This is the 7th time this race has been held and it will challenge the teams’ mental and physical abilities. It covers a distance of about 450kms and NO GPS’s are allowed – only a compass and the maps supplied by the race organisers.

As in the past 6 Bimbache races, a combination of disciplines will have to be undertaken including trekking, mountain bike, roller skating, canoeing, speleology, rappel, tyroline and canyoneering . The novelty this time promises to be an amusing and exciting rafting descent in torrential waters.

What with the beautiful landscape, mountain scenery and charming villages this promises to be an event worth participating in – if not this year then next.

And next up is the Raid in France, also known as the ‘Alps to Sea 09’, beginning 31st May to 6th June.

The race will start at the Chapelle en Valgaudemar in the ‘Hautes-Alpes’ and will ascend and descend 15,000m down to the port of Fréjus on the Mediterranean in the South of France. As for what happens between Valgaudemar and Fréjus? That’s a secret – to be revealed when you participate…

However, the Route will be approx. 520 kms, including numerous activities to be carried out in total autonomy. The trekking + ropes + canyoning sections will represent 108 kms, mountain bike 241 kms, boats (canoe + raft) 133 kms, horse riding 27 kms.

As course designer and creator of the race Raid in France, Pascal Bahuaud, says “Course setting has been taking place throughout the winter in order to insure good transition and some sublime passages. The vast quantity of snow has made things difficult and we must wait a couple of more weeks in order to return and check out some of the high mountain passages. The decision to allow competitors to undertake some of these itineraries will be taken at the last minute in relation to the snow cover still remaining.”

The expected time for the first teams will be about 120 hours and the maximum time will be 147 hours.

To get you in the mood, here’s a brilliant video from vincerif69 of the 2007 Raid in France AR which took place in the Pyrenées.

It looks hard work… but WOW, what scenary, what an achievement, how one could pat oneself on the back with good reason at the end of it…

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