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Yves Rossy, aka Jetman, achieves another first

A few hours ago Yves Rossy achieved yet another dream.

The Swiss pilot and inventor of the jet pack jumped from a helicopter hovering over Rio de Janeiro and flew around its historic landmarks, before pulling his chute and landing on Copocabana beach.

The jet pack that Yves Rossy uses

The former fighter pilot made the 11 minutes 35 seconds after dropping out of the helicopter over Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and flicking the switch on his carbon-kevlar Jetwing. This activated the four engines, which each offer a thrust of 22kg, and propelled the Swiss aviator through the South American skies at between 200-300kph, controlled by a simple hand held throttle.

Rossy described his experience saying: “It will be difficult to find a more beautiful city than Rio. Flying in front of Christ the Redeemer, it seemed like it was just him and me. It was very spritual to be face-to-face with such a symbol of peace. I would like to thank the city of Rio and everyone who made this happen. The message for this flight go and realise your dreams.”

Yves Rossy flies over Rio de Janeiro

photos courtesy of BRUNO BROKKEN/Breitling SA

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  1. JoAnn Bradley
    2012 | 19 December at 18:37 #

    I have always been facinated with flying. Since the age of 2 I loved watching things fly in the sky. This to me is fun to watch. Why don’t they do shows in all areas. Why do they fly so close to the cliffs. I would like to learn more of this sport. I live in Cody Wy.. How far would I have to go to see this done live

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