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Xmas presents – OMG… not again

Why is it that Christmas comes around so often? No sooner have you got one behind you then you’re already planning the next. And age is NO excuse! The older you are the faster the year passes… I am sure it is that the older you are the more frequently you have to buy presents! It seems that the whole terrifying whirl speeds up as the years tick on…

But, help is at hand…

There are more and more innovative outfits out there offering all sorts of outlandish things… Like one I’ve just bought: indoor skydiving for 2? Pretty cool… I’ve always wanted to try out a wind tunnel… but sadly this is never going to be my luck. The rules stipulate that if you have ever dislocated your shoulder you can’t go in a wind tunnel! How unfair is that?!

Or you can treat your best friend or worst enemy to a bungee jump! haha – but it’s certainly thinking outside the box isn’t it…

Or how about an auto stunt day, or a paintballing outing, super grand prix indoor karting or a Sushi workshop for 2? You could get a zorbing package, or drive a monster Grizzly Truck for a day or how about tandem skydiving? Just some of the ideas being bandied around… getting Christmas presents this year isn’t going to be too bad after all!

Not exactly my ethos this one, but I know a whole bunch of people who would love to do this for a day!

So, be imaginative and share your thrill of extreme sports this Christmas.

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