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Women to take to the air and fly like a bird

Break your roots and come fly with us! Lookout Mountain Flight Park, located outside of Chattanooga Tennessee, is hosting the 2008 Women’s Hang Gliding Festival September 25-28.

The Festival is ideal for both pilots and women who are interested in seeing what hang gliding is all about. We want to fly with a bunch of female pilots, create a comfortable and safe environment for inactive pilots to regain their confidence and get current, and introduce the sky to the non-flying women in our lives.

There will be fun flying competitions, clinics, reduced priced training for our non-flying friends and family, prizes, and festivities. Come fly the mountain, aerotow, or get your skills up to speed on the training hills. We want to get as many women in the air as possible, and September is a beautiful time of year to do it.

If you are planning to fly solo or would like to take part in clinics and fun flying tasks, please register at Registration is $25 and includes an event t-shirt (designed by a local artist), mountain solo flying, clinics, and the opening night festivities.

If you would like to learn more about hang gliding by taking lessons or flying tandem with an instructor, please call 1-800-688-5637 to reserve your flight time and to take advantage of reduced priced flights and lessons.

Space is limited for training hill classes and tandem flights, so call soon to be a part of this amazing event. Visit for more information on our park, information about your flying options, and to sign up to receive Festival information.

While the Festival is geared towards women who fly and women who are interested in flying, we welcome and encourage all pilots (regardless of gender) to join us for flying, fun and camaraderie.

  • Who: Lookout Mountain Flight Park
  • What: 2008 Women’s Hang Gliding Festival
  • When: September 25-28, 2008
  • Where: Just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee in Rising Fawn, Georgia
  • Why: A celebration of women in hang gliding. Mountain flying, aerotowing, and reduced priced training and discovery tandem flights. Spaces are limited, so please call 1-800-688-5637 to set up lessons and flight times.

Contact: Jen Richards, Lookout Mountain Flight Park, 1-800-688-5637,,

This is great news, thanks to for bringing this to my attention and girls, for you information, I have included a short video from soapbox94 of what can be expected. This is a buzz the like of which you will not have experienced – go on, give it a go, do something extreme for a change and then just imagine the fun you will have telling all your friends – better still, take them along with you.

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