Wingsuit flying update

Regular readers of this blog will know of our interest in the extreme sport of wingsuit flying. We have reported on Jeb Corliss’ ambition to be the first person to land a wingsuit without the use of a parachute.

We have trawled the information channels and have not come up with any very fresh news. However in an interview with Hannah Cornett which happened at the beginning of the year Corliss mentioned that his next goal was to jump from an aeroplane and then fly back into the aeroplane from which he has just launched.

In the interview which appears on You Tube below, thanks to mattdtv Corliss also claims that the ambition to land without a parachute is still very much alive and well.

He also explains how the make up of the actual wingsuit enables the user to achieve a glide ratio of 3:1  –  3 horizontal feet for every 1 foot of vertical drop.

And who knows – with an attitude such as ‘courage is about taking action in spite of the fear…….nothing is impossible in life if you have the desire and make the effort……..thats how winning is possible – you do not give up’ it is more than likely that Corliss will succeed.

Bon courage Jeb.

There is also an interesting explanation in the video on how the US Special Operations forces are using the technology being pioneered in the wingsuit technology to enable HALO – High Altitude Low Opening – deployments which will/could take those forces to a landing zone beyond enemy held territory.

We shall as ever keep you informed of any tangible developments in the wingsuit landing project.


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