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Wingsuit extreme flying

This YouTube video of wingsuit flying is incredible to watch. What intrigues me is why the flyer apparently keeps so close to terra firma. At speeds in excess of 100mph the smallest error when so close to the ground could end up in your being driven into the cliff face – well at that speed there is unfortunately only one outcome.

The other main problem with this sport is its lack of accessibility – for of all the sports that we write about there is no doubt that wingsuit flying has to be one of the most spectacular, dangerous and therefore extreme – but who gets to see the action. It is not as if, in the video you are about to watch, there is a crowd of 100,000 people cheering the wingsuit flyers on toward their gold medal. Far from it, no more than a handful.

So my question is: is wingsuit flying an egotistical, self indulgent adrenaline rush, the preserve of a few nutcakes who have the balls to push life to the very edge; or could it be the pioneering spirit, aka the Wright brothers, which is just the precursor to daily human self propelled flight.

What’s this – I’ve just found a feather growing out of my arm!!

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