Why are you here?

If you can answer that question then you might be somewhat closer to explaining why it is that Jeb Corliss does what he does. As some of you know wingsuit flying is the challenge that my co-editor has laid on my doormat and the last time I wrote on the subject I promised that I would start on the research. Well the research has brought up the name of Jeb Corliss. Let me tell you a little about Corliss and what he plans next.

Corliss was born in New Mexico and is now 32 years old, as a child he was an introvert and felt isolated, he kept snakes and dived with sharks,he contemplated suicide at the age of 18 and was driven by the very powerful emotion of fear; through his search for death he has found life.

In 2006 he was arrested attempting to base jump from the Empire State Building in New York and he broke his back in three places when base jumping from a waterfall in South Africa. But it was his attempt to demonstrate ‘proximity flying’ – when you fly within 5 to 10 feet of a fixed object like a mountain – with his buddy Dwain Weston at the Colorado Royal Gorge Bridge in 2003 that tragedy struck. Weston was supposed to fly over the bridge and Corliss under it; whether it was a miscalculation or something else, no one will know but Weston crashed right into the bridge and was killed on impact.

In seeking a fitting tribute to his buddy Corliss will now attempt to land from his wingsuit without deploying a parachute. Its gonna be tough as when wingsuit flying you travel at a speed of 120mph. Corliss, with the help of Vertigo Inc and Roy Haggard is designing a landing strip, which he estimates will cost between $3.0 million and $9.0 million and so become the first man to land without deploying a parachute – so pushing the boundaries, forcing evolution and perhaps even blowing the limits of endeavour away.

I have added quite a long video from excalibour88 which is called ‘The Jeb Corliss Story Part 1’ – you can expect the other parts to follow and having watched the video and hearing statistics like ‘of the 30 wingsuit flyers I know 6 are dead’ my research schedule has been extended indefinitely.

But just maybe Corliss is a little closer to answering the question ‘Why are you here’.

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