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Vitinya Pass – yet another spectacular Bungee setting

The surrounding mountains are beautiful, but I’m not sure how much I’d like to bungee jump off a bridge and above a road with operating traffic! Just gives that little extra je ne sais quoi…

Bebresh Bridge at Vitinya Pass

Bungee jumping is a relatively new sport to to Bulgaria, but the country seems to have embraced it with all the fervour of the converted.

There are 2 companies that specialise in the sport, and they have plenty to offer.

Vertikalen Sviat, or Vertical World, have the monopoly on Bebresh Bridge which crosses Vitinya Pass, the highest bridge in the Balkans and Bulgaria. This is a 120m jump (please correct me if I’m wrong – I have been told it’s 140m but all other sources say 120…),  and is not for the fainthearted, but there are so many other choices that, having started small, you could always aim to finish with this one. Vertical World even offers bungee tours which include five or six jumps from various locations. The final jump is invariably a spectacular cave jump in either the Devetashka Caves or Prohodna.

Bungy jumping in Bulgaria

Prohodna also has this incredible formation called the Eyes of God:

The Eyes of God, Prohodna Cave, Bulgaria

The Eyes of God

photo courtesy of Totto

Adrenaline, the other sports club that specialises in Bungee jumping, have the monopoly on the Asaprouhov bridge, near the coastal town of Varna. This 52m jump is over the sea. They also, however, offer a far more challenging option to jump from a hot air balloon. These jumps vary from 50 to 150m and the free fall is between 15 to 35m.Talking about their adrenaline based packages, Doichin Boyanov, the inspiration behind the Sofia based sports club Vertical World says “It’s an element of addiction. People want to feel the same way again and again; and that brings the bar of their capabilities higher every time. That entails dangers. Almost every person who has contacted us once returns for more. Besides the places we use for our jumps are quite varied and that offers a diversity of experiences.”

However, you can also try the 42m jump off a bridge in Ruse or Rousse, or the Kovacha Bridge over the Kovacha Viaduct – a 50m jump, a viaduct near the village of Klisura gives 5 bridges within 10km of each other for a variety of jumps – the highest being 60m, the  Bounovo rail bridge at just 30 m of height is a good one to start on and the Stambolov Bridge in Veliko Turnovo with its impressive background is another favourite venue.

There’s lots more you can do whilst in Bulgaria… Did you know, for example, that the town of Plovdiv is the oldest city in Europe and the 6th oldest settlement in the world? It has been continuously inhabited since at least 3000 BC ! And look how magnificent it is…

Plovdiv – the oldest city in Europe

Old Roman Theatre in the town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Oldest inhabited city in Europe - Plovdiv

photo courtesy of N. Lazarov

There are mountains to climb, ski resorts to visit, mountain biking terrain, canyoning… you name it, Bulgaria’s got it, but more on that later…


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