Unbelievable … surfing on a wingsuit flyer!

I am so glad I write articles on extreme sport – the things people come up with… and to think I might have missed this!

Try this one on for size… a parachuter surfing on the back of a wingsuit flyer, and poised and accomplished enough (the both of them) to hold the position for 20 seconds – that’s like an hour when you’re doing a crazy stunt like this!

daredevil skydivers

It’s Jonathan Tagle with the parachute and Jeff Nebelkopf in the wingsuit. Phil Peggs is the estimable photographer.

Make no mistake – this was a daring stunt and a first ever.

“It was a challenge to line up underneath him because I had to estimate where he’d be based on the last place I saw him as I was sliding in. He would then get his feet around my rig. It changed my centre of gravity when he hooked onto me – made me fly a little more head low, so I had to compensate a little bit,” said Nebelkopf.

After securing the position the pair held the pose for 20 seconds before breaking and heading off to make their own way back down to the earth.

Tagle said: “The weird thing about the break off was that I had the feeling I needed to pull, but I was already under a good canopy.”

Quite something… hats off, well done, congratulations, etc etc….

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