Top five worldwide locations for extreme sports

Vacations are a topic that divide opinion the world over.  For some, a peaceful pool or beach-side break is all that’s needed.  Others like to explore and educate themselves about foreign locales and civilizations.  And there are those that simply seek an adrenalin rush: these are the extreme sports fanatics.

So where should vacationers who like to live life to the extreme go?  Which destinations fit the bill when it comes to fast-paced, action-packed fun?  The following five locations spread across the globe offer an extreme sports fix powerful enough to satisfy the strongest adrenalin cravings.  There is no time to waste – throw some gear in a backpack, get the airlines on the phone and narrow down the options.

Base jumping in Angel Falls, Venezuela

Let’s start with one of the most extreme extreme sports, base jumping.  Take a leap of faith into the mist of the majestic Angel Falls in Venezuela.  This towering waterfall is over three thousand feet high and gives adventurers plenty of time to consider the recklessness of their decision on the way down.  Get tickets to fly into Venezuela and head for the state of Bolivar for the jump of a lifetime.

Base jumping off Angel Falls, Venezuelaphoto courtesy of

White water rafting in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Nothing concentrates the mind more than being tossed like a cork on foaming white water rapids.  Extreme sports enthusiasts will find challenges to suit all abilities on the Cagayan de Oro River, which runs through the beautiful island of Mindanao in the Philippines.  Whether rafting or kayaking, the rapids deliver a shot of pure exhilaration for all those negotiating them.  The setting and views are fabulous, but don’t expect to have a moment to dwell on them.  Save that pleasure for the trip back up the river.

White water rafting on the beautiful Cagayan de Oro

Zorbing in Barcelona, Spain

Combine a city break in Barcelona with an unforgettable zorbing experience.  Step inside a giant transparent sphere and see how they roll in Spain while enjoying the views from every angle imaginable.  Who knew that a trip to Spain’s second largest city, known for its architectural and artistic marvels, could offer so much adrenalin on tap?

Not for those prone to car sickness I fear!

 Bungee jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown in the south island of New Zealand is the original home of the commercial bungee jump, where the first person threw himself over the precipice of a bridge on a glorified elastic band.  Since then, the activity has evolved, and New Zealand has become a top destination for lovers of all extreme sports, from bungee jumping to heli-skiing, river boarding, jet boating, parasailing and skydiving.  In short, there is something to suit the fussiest of extreme sports fanatic in Queenstown.  Plus, the views and scenery are awesome.

An awesome bungee jump

 Sandboarding in Swakopmund, Namibia

Snowboarders should try out the unique challenge of sand boarding.  For an extreme sport in a warmer climate, head for the beach resort city of Swakopmund in northwestern Namibia.  This fabulous coastal location, with its great weather, German colonial architecture and reputation for extreme sports, is steadily attracting new fans.  The close proximity of the Namib Desert and its majestic sand dunes offers plenty of scope for lightning fast descents.

Sandboarding in the dunes

These five centers of extreme sport are scattered across the globe, daring more intrepid travelers to take up the challenge.  Could any self-respecting adrenalin junkie resist?

This article comes courtesy of Dave – thank you.

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  1. Yassine
    2016 | 27 August at 10:14 #

    m planning to go to venezuela next december and i wld love to do an extreme activity in angel falls (base jump, para/hang glide, …), so cld u pls give me more infos about : wich activities r available thr ? name and contact of agencies offering these act ? how can we get thr frm caracas ? prices ? …
    thx a lot

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