Thinking of a Paragliding holiday? Why not Greece…

Greece is a country which has far more to offer than one imagines. The land of magical islands and fascinating history and historical sites, is fast becoming a land where extreme sports abound. It is affordable too, which adds to its attractions…

The other day we talked about ski-ing in Greece, and today we will touch on the subject of paragliding, with thanks to left1976 for this great video from Mount Falakro in the Kavala and Drama region. With a height of 800m, wind direction S/SW and good launch and landing areas it is a perfect place to start:

Thessaloniki also has a wide choice of paragliding destinations and several of them have a local club from which you can get advice and guidance.

Edessa in the north, near Yugoslavia, is a gem of a site  with perfect launch and landing sites, although paragliding between November to March is not recommended. There are a lot of cross country possiblities with distances of about 60kms in all directions, apart from North.

Florina is another region with plenty of choice – 8 different sites to my reckoning.

In a nutshell, most paragliding clubs can be found in the Peloponnese, Epirus and Macedonia areas. They offer their members all the equipment they need and the paragliding activities are conducted in safe conditions.

The months when you should not consider going to Greece for a paragliding holiday are July and August – the winds are very strong and it is very very hot; and the weather is generally considered too stable between December and February. Apart from that it’s pretty well perfect. However, it is worth noting that the winds can be strong in June and early September -perhaps more suitable for experienced flyers and not beginners.

At the moment, paragliding in Greece is controlled by the general rules of aviation. Flying on the islands is possible but you wont find any local Greek pilots flying there.

If you want more information or would like to contact some clubs in Greece directly I suggest you follow the link to and continue from there…


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