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The World’s Toughest Athlete – update

If you follow xtremesport4u with any regularity you must be thinking that I had completely forgotten about the competition that has been running since August – the one that is trying to decide “who is the world’s toughest athlete for 2008”. You can refer back to our article of 18th August to check on the last 15 and the previous 32…

However, the competition, run by is now down to the last 2, and they are:

Lance Mackay – musher

Lance Mackey

Mackey’s steadfast refusal to quit dog sledding in the face of throat cancer lands him in our brackets. He also did the impossible by braving -100 degree temperatures to win the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest and 1,100-mile Iditarod within the very same month. Not once but two straight years. And he accomplished this feat with his toes so frostbitten they looked like they had been dipped in black paint.

Team Hoyt

Team Hoyt

Rick Hoyt was born with severe brain damage. Doctors said to put him in an institution. The Hoyts refused. Instead, Rick and his father Dick started competing together in marathons and triathlons. Six of which were grueling 15-hour Ironman competitions. Rick can’t compete on his own so his father Dick carries Rick as they bike, pulls him on a dinghy as they swim and pushes him in a wheelchair as they run. To date they have competed in 65 marathons and 224 triathlons.

Well, it’s a tough one. Both are incredible stories. Both must be incredible men.

You can vote online at if you wish.

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