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The wingsuit landing project – will Jeb Corliss pull it off?

Inspired by the flight of a flying squirrel Jeb Corliss will attempt to be the first man to land from a wingsuit flight without deploying a parachute. Although details of the landing structure are top secret we do know that Corliss is going to have to master the art of precision flying.

Jumping from an aircraft Corliss will reach terminal velocity, about 120mph, and then aim for what is called a ‘gateway’, which is further described as 20 feet by 20 feet, no other details have been released. He will need to be controlled and accurate as he does intend to get up, walk away and do it all over again.

If successful it will be a fist for mankind; at the moment Corliss is practicing his flying proximity skills and control of his wingsuit whilst airborne, and attempting to raise the $2.0 million required to build the landing structure.

We will keep you posted of any developments – below is a video from wingsuitflying of Corliss’ preparations

And the inspiration – here is a short clip from moconservation of the flying squirrel, which as the commentator says ‘don’t really fly, they glide…….the only mammal to truly fly is a bat’………maybe it was Bruce Wayne who first truly inspired Corliss!

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4 Responses to “The wingsuit landing project – will Jeb Corliss pull it off?”

  1. Trey Emerich
    2012 | 23 March at 08:36 #

    go and get them and one day ill do it to

  2. Blu Skydive
    2012 | 21 November at 10:14 #

    Too late Jeb. Too late.

    • lolajones
      2012 | 21 November at 15:16 #

      Indeed, but seeing it’s Jeb Corliss we’re talking about, he’ll probally have something else up his sleeve…

  3. François
    2014 | 25 March at 18:23 #

    It’s clearly possible, but the landing zone as to be very long and perfectly prepared.

    A little video to feel the risk of the challenge :

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