The Icarus Trophy – yet another brilliant idea from The Adventurists

How up-to-date are you on the latest mad escapades from The Adventurists?

For me, and I’m not as up-to-date as I used to be (give me time, give me time), so here’s another new one: The Icarus Trophy, now one year old and fondly known as Adventure 52.

Unlike their other adventures, you are not totally on your own on this one. Well you are as all Adventurist adventures are unsupported, but you’re not…. there’s a little thing called a GPS tracking you all the time so if you make an unexpected landing (it’s the ICARUS trophy after all, so of course it’s in the air) there will be a record of it back with the management team, and although it might take 3 days to get to you, you know you’ll be picked up sometime :-)

The route takes you from Eatonville in Washington to finish at BlackHawk Paramotor in Valley Springs, California. It’s a 1,300km flight aover 3 states (Washington, Oregan and California) as they make their way south. The winning pilot is expected to arrive in seven to ten days’ time.

It looks wonderful!

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